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In 1981 we included our old Series 3 fans which had a deep dish (large, “E” dimension) with our Series 6 listing. Most of the styles were obsolete. We are now reusing Series 3 to indicate those fans which have a negligible “E” dimension, i.e., flat backed fans. Modern foreign and American motor designs often have squared-off or flat ends bells, so no recess is required in the fan’s hub area. These fans can be used on many Baldor, GE, Toshiba, and other brands. These fans are not specifically designed for motor cooling; they may be used to blow dust, chips, etc. in material handling.

Select the Overall Diameter Range (D) that the fan you are looking for fits into.

4" to 6 -7/8"
7" to 8 -7/8"
9" to 11 -7/8"
12" to 20"