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Series 5 fans are suitable for internal cooling of an AC motor. They have a side hub which protrudes from the back plate on the opposite side to the blades. This protruding hub can fit in under the rotor end turns or end ring without interfering with the bearing housings. Some of these fans have openings in the back plate to allow air movement through the fan. This allows the fan to draw air through the rotor and push it toward the stator end turns or out the end bells of the motor. Others of these fans have a solid back plate. Air cannot be moved along the shaft through this type fan.

Select the Overall Diameter Range (D) that the fan you are looking for fits into.

1" to 5 -7/8"
6" to 6 -7/8"
7" to 7 -7/8"
8" to 8 -7/8"
9" to 9 -7/8"
10" to 10 -7/8"
11" to 13 -7/8"
14" to 16 -7/8"
17" to 34 -7/8"